One thought on “Well, it’s another November mish-mash of topics

  1. Love your show, but the Buttery Chardonnay didn’t make it. Subtle nose (ok for a chardonnay), initial warm complex body and upper palette buttery note was soon overwhelmed by a metallic aftertaste that grew stronger through the finish, leaving a poor final experience.

    However, it is a $15 wine and I’m comparing to the $20 – $40 Okanagan wines we bring home every year.

    Still love your show and I need to make the time to try other good wines you find. We love our Okanagan wines but they aren’t cheap. Average cost is $25 – $35.

    One of my experiments is to compare some of the good imports to the OK VQAs. In the $15 to $20 range I can find good Chilean Cabernets or Merlots, Argentinian Malbecs, Australian Chiraz or French (you name it). BC wines of the same type are ~$10 more expensive.


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