Great Canadian Beer Episode!

The co-founder of Victoria’s Great Canadian Beer Festival Gerry Hieter is our special guest for this special episode! We talk all about this year’s 25 edition of the GCBF, the history behind the festival, and Gerry’s journey in the evolving craft beer industry.

This week’s Pick of the Week is appropriately themed – Phillips’ “Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale.”

One thought on “Great Canadian Beer Episode!

  1. Sorry I’m a little late to your show but i’m on it now. Too funny as your guest mentioned how hard it was to buy tickets because I was the person that lined up at 2am to get a ticket at Cedar Hill Rec. My first legal GCBF was two years earlier and was unable to get the next year so thats was I was there so early. Surprisingly there was about 10 of us by 4 am and apparently if you weren’t in line before the tickets went on sale then you weren’t getting a ticket. Funny because I got given free tickets by your guest because of my punctuality. Thankfully this festival came about so that beer drinkers like myselff could get an option and now the beer world is just unbelievable. Thanks for your light hearted but inquiring questions, I’m quite enjoying it. Cheers

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